Sukanto Tanoto’s RGE-managed Woodfibre LNG opts for environmentally friendly worker housing options

Canada is currently going through a major change in their energy industry. The catalyst for this development is Woodfibre LNG Ltd., a direct subsidiary of Pacific Oil and Gas (PO&G), administered by RGE Group.

The ongoing project, under the name ‘Woodfibre LNG project’, is valued at $1.6 billion. The project, currently taking place at a facility southwest to Squamish, British Columbia, revolves around producing the cleanest liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The gas produced in these facilities will then be exported to the Asian markets. A total of about 2 million tonnes of LNG a year is expected to be produced, and the company expects their first batch of LNG to go out in the year 2023.

A major constraint for the project was ensuring they receive all the required approvals from the Squamish National Council, as all operations related to the project would be taking place in that area.
The Squamish National Council, a group consisting of Coast Salish Aboriginal descendants, approved the project on 14th October 2015, after stating a few conditions. The conditions primarily focused on preserving the environment, and Woodfibre LNG had to fulfill a total of 25 such conditions.

After being approved by the Squamish National Council, the project required an environmental assessment certificate (EAC) in order to begin operations, which was issued to them on 26th October 2015.

Following this, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada issued an environmental assessment Decision Statement for the project on 18th March 2016.

A recent development in the project occurred on 29th October 2019 when Woodfibre LNG filed for an amendment in the EAC. This EAC amendment required approvals from the British Columbian environment assessment office (EAO), the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC), and the Squamish National Council.

The motive behind the request was to carry out housing construction for workers in the form of floating worker camps. The floating house was to be situated just offshore of the project site.

This includes a total of 400-600 beds, an on-board kitchen, recreational areas, sewage collection and holding tanks, garbage collection, and a loading dock. Water and power will be provided to the facility through sustainable methods, which includes recycled water and hydro-powered electricity. An associated benefit in argument for the construction of the facility was said to be reduced traffic on the motorway and highway and hence, increased safety.

“This is a project that has always put the community first,” said President of Woodfibre LNG, David Keane. “A floatel will address concerns we’ve heard from the community over the past year about the potential impacts of using land-based camps or rental housing at a time when the Squamish market is already tight.”

The EAC has announced a 30-day public comment period before approval. PO&G, a part of Sukanto Tanoto’s RGE Group, will provide all the support their subsidiary Woodfibre LNG Ltd. requires to make this happen.

About RGE

Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) Group was founded in the year 1973 by Indonesian businessman Sukanto Tanoto. The group was built on a foundation that emphasises on sustainable practices, aiming to create increased value for the community. The group is a resourced-based managing company with operations worldwide.

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No Inquiry into Hedge Funds Speculating on No-Deal Brexit

No inquiry will be held by the UK government into hedge-fund speculation on Brexit with no deal. Are you interested in reliable and affordable merchant services, such as Fidelity payments, in the UK? Do you need more information on the topic? If yes, this article is right for you.

Hedge Funds Speculation & Fidelity Payments

The UK authorities have decided to avoid starting an inquiry into the financial speculations concerning no-deal Brexit. The speculators are being accused of shorting UK assets to profit coming from a disorganized leave from the European Union.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he’ll lead the UK out of the European Union with or without a deal. According to Treasury Minister Simon Clarke, those who were claiming that investors supporting Johnson, or the Leave Campaign, would gain billions from the crash of sterling weren’t right.

Are you running a business in the UK? How are you dealing with the current challenges? To overcome them easily, turn to a respectable payments-comparison company in the country that can provide the best help concerning UK merchant services, including Fidelity payments.

With a reputable company offering payments-processor reviews, which pays exceptional attention to terms, complaints, and integration, you can get the most reliable snapshot of companies at the time of writing. Make sure that comparison company goes through contracts, rates, and fees so to guarantee the cheapest rates and the most secure payment services.

Government on Inquiry into Hedge Funds

According to a number of MPs, Johnson is faced with an interest-based conflict. Johnson is being accused of working with shadowy business representatives to develop disaster capitalism in its purest form, meaning Brexit with no deal.

The latter would bring huge profits to hedge-fund managers. Some of them have donated to Boris Johnson, and others are open advocates for no-deal Brexit.

SNP MP Alan Brown is for an investigation. Brown believes that hedge funds generated £350m overnight. How? They just bet against the pound in 2016.

To sum up, there’ll be no inquiry by the UK authorities into hedge-fund speculating on no-deal Brexit. Some government representatives believe there’s a clear interest-based conflict.

Author Bio: Payment industry guru Taylor Cole is a passionate payments expert who understands the complex world of merchant accounts and Fidelity payments. He also writes non-fiction, on subjects ranging from personal finance to stocks to cryptopay. He enjoys eating pie in his backyard porch, as should all right thinking people.

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How to Boost Your Business in The UK

The term “global economy” has been bandied about for more than a decade and there is no doubt that with evolving technology, businesses can go global from anywhere Digital signature in the world.

To that end, if you’re looking for a new direction to take your interests, you may want to consider the United Kingdom (UK). Taking a business to the UK can be a unique and profitable opportunity when equipped with the right insight.

Image result for Business information

But keep these simple strategies in mind to help avoid pitfalls when entering the UK market:

-Prepare. Before exploring taking your business to the UK, do your due diligence. Be aware of opportunities to launch your business in conjunction with an annual show or exhibition, or by putting on your own event designed to appeal to UK consumers.

– Plan. Several Digital signature online elements of expanding a business overseas are the same as those for expanding within the United States – locating space, hiring staff, and creating local interest and buzz.

However, these tasks can be challenging to complete remotely and having local insight on factors including competitors, the right route to market, and the appetites and demands of customers/consumers allows an incoming business to be more efficient and effective.

-Partner. A common pitfall that businesses may encounter when establishing a foothold in the UK is trying to manage everything from the United States.

Forming a partnership with a local marketing group can help incoming companies understand the local business environment and open up networks.

-Purpose. Determine the goals you want to achieve with your business expansion.

For consumer goods, pop-ups are one way to test the waters by setting up a short-term shop. Consider social media campaigns and focus groups. But remember that what sells in the United States may not sell the same way in the UK. Determine whether your business brand travels well and what products or services will be a hit by utilizing local experts to design ways to target your core audience.

-Profit. Many factors make the UK a desirable place to grow a business and increase profits, including tax breaks, flexible employment, and a diverse population.

Partnering with a local company that specializes in helping businesses enter the UK ensures that you make the most of this new market opportunity.

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Small Business Checklist for Tax-Time Technology

Anyone who operates a small business, home-based business, or even a home office knows that tax time can be stressful. However, investing in the right equipment and technology can help a small business navigate tax season – and every season – smoothly and efficiently.

Some tips to make technology work for you at tax time:

– Digitize: Making the transition to digital documents Digital signature online can be a big step for a small business, but converting documents to digital is becoming increasingly simple and popular.

Advantages of scan-to-digital at tax time include less paper to sort through and easy access to a variety of records.

– Go mobile: Try using a mobile device or laptop and a portable scanner to digitize tax documents while on the road.

Portable scanners can Buy digital signature save space in the office setting as well, by reducing the amount of space needed to store paper records and documents.

Printing from a mobile device or laptop to a wireless-enabled printer also helps save time, especially during tax season. And many printers have security features for output management and ease of use.

When choosing the right office Digital Signature products, key points to consider include:

– Convenience. Equipment that is easy to set up and use saves valuable time for small businesses. For those on the go, portable products such as the Canon imageFORMULA P-215II Scan-tini handle document scanning for individuals on the road or working remotely. A lightweight design allows for easy document digitization from a range of locations, such as a hotel, airport, offsite meeting venue, or a home office.

– Confidence. Investing in technology with a trusted reputation means less worry that an office solution – hardware or software – might fail at a crucial time. The technology of scanners designed for small businesses has improved in recent years.

“Small businesses with limited resources demand reliability and dependability in their document management technology,” says Nobuhiko Kitajima, VP and general manager of Canon USA Inc.’s Business Imaging Solutions Group.

One example, the Canon imageFORMULA DR-M260 Office Document Scanner, provides small businesses with reliable and efficient performance, and comes with an industry-leading, five-year warranty.

– Protection. Data security is essential, especially for businesses that work in the cloud. Be sure to choose products with security features, such as password protection, multi-factor log-in and output file encryption.

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How to Succeed in Selling Your Business

As a larger proportion of the American population reaches retirement age, the issues of wealth transfer and asset management become even more prominent.

“The largest transfer of wealth in history is now underway, and it is in the form of established operating businesses owned by Baby Boomers,” according to a white paper by C2C Business Strategies, LLC, a business management and consulting organization specializing in business transitions.

Baby boomers and their transition advisors will face several challenges over the next several decades.

Some tips to make the most of the transition include:

– Prep work: Many baby boomer business owners have given little or no thought to the transition process, and they may find themselves unable to sell the business when they want to. Most financial consultants recommend a lead time of three to five years to prepare a business. Meanwhile, as more baby boomers seek retirement, the surplus of businesses available for sale may reduce business values.

– True value: Survey findings of business owners suggest that many overestimate the value of a business because they are basing estimates on projections or future orders rather than the current cash the business is generating.

– Good advice: Baby boomers looking to sell their business can benefit from a skilled transition advisor to guide and direct the process. Advisors can help business owners decide on a realistic price and determine a sale structure that works for both buyers and sellers.

As in the case of a real estate agent negotiating a home sale, a business advisor will find the right buyer for a business and will work with the buyer and seller until the transaction is complete.

Tips for business owners to help ensure a smooth sale include:

– Good housekeeping: Make sure all financial information is current and in order. Time is essential once a business-sale transaction is underway, so don’t slow down the process by scrambling for information.

– Flexible financing: Data show that sellers who accept financing terms receive, on average, 86 percent of their asking price, compared with 70 percent for those who will only accept cash. An advisor can help sellers evaluate financing terms to maximize sale prices.

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