A Practical Guide to Heat Pump Repair in NYC

Let’s say your heat pump has been making some weird noises lately. As an NYC homeowner, you’re getting a little concerned and think it’d be worth calling in a professional to get that heat pump checked out. (That would be the smart thing to do, after all.) Are you curious about what the process looks like once you call in some help? Read on to learn what heat pump repair in NYC looks like.

First, your technician is going to figure out what type of heat pump you have in your building. Not all heat pumps are built in the same way, and they require a nuanced troubleshooting approach. Your expert is going to distinguish whether you have an air source heat pump, a water source heat pump, or, in the alternative, a geothermal heat pump.

Second, your technician is going to look and listen to the symptoms of your heat pump’s problems. Perhaps it won’t turn on properly (which could indicate an electrical failure), or perhaps it’s not reaching the right temperatures (which could indicate some kind of leakage). The professional that you’ve hired will do comprehensive diagnostic tests to determine the root cause of these symptoms so they can get in to fix them.

Third, as part of the repair process, your technician will likely be doing some cleaning and replacement work. Cleaning your heat pump will help it run in optimal condition and replacing faulty parts will ensure that your heat pump acts like it’s new. Part of your technician’s job will be to determine whether a part should be repaired or replaced in its entirety. Replacements can be more pricey for you upfront, but long-term, they could save you money because repeated repairs over many years can also really add up in costs.

Fourth, your technician will likely be asking you about how you’d like to proceed with ongoing maintenance. Maintenance work can help reduce the need for repairs down the road.

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