Are Akari Therapeutics Insiders Buying More Stocks?

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Akari Therapeutics (NASDAQ: AKTX at currently holds a market capitalization value of 5.40 Billion. Akari stock price went down by 1.88 USD on 17th August by the rate of -1.07% which is equivalent to -0.020. It opened trading with a value of 1.88 USD and had the highest pick at 1.90 while the lowest pick was at 1.83. As a result, the Akari stock value went down by 1.07% compared to last year’s value. Its 52-week high value is by 2.79 while 52 weeks low value is at 0.87. Besides that, Akari closed trading at USD 1.90. Now, the news is up that Akari Therapeutics insiders are buying huge company shares.

Why consider AKTX Insider Transactions?

A company insider, buying company shares, is perfectly legal. From board members to stakeholders, any company insider can buy or sell the company stock anytime they want. However, insider transactions remain covered by the public eye. It is commonly seen that a company performs outstandingly well when the company insiders buy most of its shares. When you see an insider buying company shares that indicates that the company share price will rise soon. Now, take a close look at what the Akari Therapeutics (NASDAQ: AKTX) insiders have been doing? Are they buying or selling Akari shares?

Akari Therapeutics Latest Insider Transaction:

Recently, Akari Therapeutics (NASDAQ: AKTX) Executive Chairman Mr. Ray Prudo made a big insider purchase worth USD $255k. This is equivalent to USD 1.70 for each share. That means Mr. Ray was certain that buying a company share at that time will bring great profits in the future. Now, as the current share price of Akari is USD 1.55, it is proven that Mr. Ray made the right decision to buy the shares at the right time. But, how will you know when a company leader is investing in company shares? Currently, Akari Insiders own almost 10% of Akari Therapeutics shares. This is worth USD 4.4 million. All you have to do is look for the records in the right places!

A piece of advice:

Are you thinking about buying Akari Therapeutics (NASDAQ: AKTX) shares now? As a newbie, you should take careful notes about all insider transactions that are happening currently. Plus, gather all data about what insider transactions have happened in past months. You can look for a visual depiction of insider transactions made within the past 12 months. Surely, this will give you a brief idea about what to expect. Based on that, you can decide whether to buy Akari Therapeutics shares or wait till the right time comes! You can check more information for stock buying app.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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