No Inquiry into Hedge Funds Speculating on No-Deal Brexit

No inquiry will be held by the UK government into hedge-fund speculation on Brexit with no deal. Are you interested in reliable and affordable merchant services, such as Fidelity payments, in the UK? Do you need more information on the topic? If yes, this article is right for you.

Hedge Funds Speculation & Fidelity Payments

The UK authorities have decided to avoid starting an inquiry into the financial speculations concerning no-deal Brexit. The speculators are being accused of shorting UK assets to profit coming from a disorganized leave from the European Union.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he’ll lead the UK out of the European Union with or without a deal. According to Treasury Minister Simon Clarke, those who were claiming that investors supporting Johnson, or the Leave Campaign, would gain billions from the crash of sterling weren’t right.

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Government on Inquiry into Hedge Funds

According to a number of MPs, Johnson is faced with an interest-based conflict. Johnson is being accused of working with shadowy business representatives to develop disaster capitalism in its purest form, meaning Brexit with no deal.

The latter would bring huge profits to hedge-fund managers. Some of them have donated to Boris Johnson, and others are open advocates for no-deal Brexit.

SNP MP Alan Brown is for an investigation. Brown believes that hedge funds generated £350m overnight. How? They just bet against the pound in 2016.

To sum up, there’ll be no inquiry by the UK authorities into hedge-fund speculating on no-deal Brexit. Some government representatives believe there’s a clear interest-based conflict.

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