The Many Benefits of Choosing Grey Vinyl Flooring

Grey vinyl flooring is a very popular choice for upgrading the flooring of any room in your house. It’s versatile color (grey) can easily be used in a wide range of rooms, including: kitchen floors, bathroom floors and almost any other floor in your house. Professional interior designers and real estate experts regard it as an excellent flooring choice and often recommend it to their clients.

A key benefit of grey vinyl flooring is that it imitates wood, porcelain, and ceramic flooring very well. It is much more realistic than other types of flooring. For example, it is much more authentic-looking than a floor made of plastic laminates.

There are many other general reasons to choose grey vinyl flooring. One major benefit is that it is very easy to maintain, and it is as much as five times thicker than older flooring materials. This makes it very sturdy. It is also manufactured using a process that produces long strips of material instead of the smaller tiles that were traditionally used for flooring materials. This makes it much easier for a do-it-yourselfer to install with limited opportunity for making errors. A professional floor installer can charge as much as $3 per square foot to install flooring. With vinyl floors, you can easily do the installation work yourself and save all of these installation costs. In addition, genuine wood flooring materials can easily cost as much as ten times more than vinyl flooring materials. While porcelain and ceramic flooring materials cost less than genuine wood flooring materials, they typically require additional materials and specialty tools during installation. Vinyl flooring does not require this.

Another advantage is that vinyl flooring is also very easy to clean. There is no need for pressure cleaning or steam cleaning. It only requires simple sweeping and periodic mopping with a damp mop and a mild soap.

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